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JPW Portfolio Requirement



The JPW e-Portfolio Requirement
A Brief Guide for Journalism and Professional Writing Concentrators

What Is the e-Portfolio Requirement?

A student who has declared a concentration in Journalism and Professional Writing (JPW)starting the fall of 2014 must submit an electronic portfolio (or e-portfolio) of his or her best work created for a public audience to the JPW faculty committee in order to graduate. The e-portfolio must be submitted before the student is able to file the Declaration of Intent to Graduate (DIG) form the semester prior to the semester he or she plans to graduate.

How Do I Create the e-Portfolio?
We encourage students to create an e-portfolio by using the Digication platform, but students may also use other platforms such as WordPress or Wix. Digication helps students to build a well- designed e-portfolio that can showcase writing and multimedia projects. Since UMass Lowell purchased a license to use Digication, it is a free and easy way for our students to create a public, professional website for the job market.

To create a Digication e-portfolio, log in with your UMass Lowell credentials here:

Students should adjust their privacy settings to keep their e-portfolios private during the drafting process. However, students must make their e-portfolios “public” during the review process.

Why Is This a Requirement?
In the JPW concentration, students learn how to write and compose media for an audience as a journalist or a writer in other professional contexts. Ultimately, the goal of the concentration is to prepare you for challenges beyond the classroom by having you put your skills into practice for a public audience.

The e-portfolio is one way the JPW faculty can assess whether students have achieved the goal of the concentration. This e-portfolio is also your opportunity to demonstrate your communication skills while networking with potential employers.

What Do I Include?
*A professional e-mail to a JPW faculty member that 1) explains the purpose of the email, 2) includes a link to your e-portfolio, and 3) offers an in-depth critical reflection on your experiences and growth as a JPW concentrator. Tell the JPW committee how your e-portfolio demonstrates what you have learned.

Your e-portfolio should include the following elements:

*A welcome message on the home page that introduces the reader to the contents of your e-portfolio. You should succinctly summarize your skills and special professional interests.

*An updated, well-designed resume. If you are not confident that your resume meets content and genre standards, have it reviewed by staff at Career Services.

*Three to eight pieces of work that demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively with a public audience. These may include written and multimedia work you have created as a part of coursework, extracurricular activities, or an internship. Make sure the projects have been submitted to an audience beyond your professor and peers.

WARNING: Confidential or sensitive material must be e-mailed to the faculty separately.

*An introduction to each of the projects you include. Fully explain the audience, purpose, and context of each project in a paragraph that viewers can read before they see the project (e.g., a paragraph situated above your embedded video). You may also highlight the specific skill or learning experience reflected in the project. 

How Do I Submit the e-Portfolio?
Once you have finalized your e-portfolio, e-mail any JPW faculty member to request that your e-portfolio be evaluated. Type your critical reflection in the body of the e-mail and include a link to your e-portfolio. Be sure to adjust your e-portfolio settings so that it is “public” during the review period.

You must submit your e-portfolio by the time you submit your DIG form the semester prior to the one when you intend to graduate. For example, students wishing to graduate in May 2019 would need to submit their e-portfolios in the fall 2018 semester or earlier.

What Happens After I Submit the e-Portfolio?
In 1-2 weeks you will receive either a “Pass” or a “Revise and Resubmit” response via e-mail.

If your portfolio does not pass, you will be provided with a new deadline to resubmit. Once the JPW faculty committee determines you have fulfilled the e-portfolio requirement, your student record in SiS will be updated to show that this requirement has been completed.

Beyond fulfilling a graduation requirement, this e-portfolio allows you the opportunity to see how you have developed as a professional writer and prepares you to be a competitive candidate on the job market. We encourage you to make your e-portfolio public as a professional website that showcases your strengths as a writer. You may also want to consider submitting your e-portfolio for consideration for the Journalism and Professional Writing Award in the spring.

Questions about the e-portfolio?

Contact the JPW faculty:

Diana Archibald: Diana_Archibald *at*

Michael Black: Michael_Black *at*

Jonathan Silverman: Jonathan_Silverman *at*

Jenna Vinson: Jenna_Vinson *at*

Questions about Digication?
1-888-342-DIGI (3444)