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SOCI.5020: Managing Human Service Organizations

Welcome to SOCI. 5020 with Professor Lydia Todd

This course is designed to introduce and orient you to the various facets of managing non-profit and public sector human service organizations. You will learn the basic principles of management and leadership in complex human service organizations. For your semester project, you will choose a specific aspect of human service management to explore through literature review and interview of a practitioner.

Description of Project

You will then propose a thoughtful, theoretically grounded intervention designed to address a challenge or improve performance in your chosen area of focus.You should plan to exercise and demonstrate capabilities that you have developed in other courses and in your work experiences, such as understanding complex organizations, applying theory and data analysis, and using scholarly literature to help you make informed decisions.

Information for Graduate Students

Reading for the Course

(If the link to the title does not work, clcik the databases link below and type in "Trauma Stewardship").