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Honors College - Getting Started with Fall 2020


Welcome to the Fall 2020 semester, Honors Students!

To help with questions and understanding certain honors requirements/adjustments for the virtual semester, this guide will provide helpful information as you navigate through honors this semester. 

On the left, you'll see several links that you may click on. Each link will take you to a different section of this guide with for information on that particular topic. 


  • Review of Honors Requirements - This section presently has a brainshark video reviewing the honors requirements in detail. We will also add additional videos to this section in the future with more helpful tips and examples of how to navigate the honors requirements. 
  • Honors Advisor Information - Here you'll find the link to honors advisors and how to contact them.
  • E1 Requirement - This section will review how to complete the E1 requirement, as well as the E1 options for Fall 2020. Students can also find the E1 Form here. 
  • Honors-by-Contract - This section will review the HbC option for students, as well as an additional HbC option students have in the Fall 2020. Students can also find the HbC form here. 

Questions? Please reach out to or contact your honors advisor directly.