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HIST. 2090: Colonial Latin America

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inca gold figurine
Exhibit from the Latin American collection of the Staatliches Museum für Völkerkunde Munich Gold figure, Inca, 1450-1532, Peru Photo by Daderot          PD

Welcome to Your Course: Colonial Latin America 

This class examines the history of Latin America from the era of indigenous empires until the early nineteenth century.
We’ll talk about how the Spanish and Portuguese were able to acquire and maintain control in the region and how indigenous and African culture affected the development of colonial political, economic, and social structures. 

Topics include:

  • indigenous-European relations 
  • slavery
  • economic developments
  • the challenges of maintaining a colonial government
  • Latin American independence.

Purpose of this Guide

This site hosts ebooks, links to articles, and primary source reading for the course. The guide also includes support for library research. Please refer to your syllabus for your weekly reading assignments.

Required Reading

Burkholder, Mark A. and Lyman L. Johnson. Colonial Latin America. 10th ed. New York: Oxford University Press, 2018. (8th ed., 2012 or 9th ed., 2014 also acceptable) See Chapter and page assignments in your syllabus.

 9/23   Ch. 3 (Women’s Wills)

10/3    Ch. 1 (Isabel Moctezuma), 2 (Beatríz, India’s, Lawsuit) and 4 (Midwife Francisca Díaz’s Petition)

10/12  Ch. 11 (Isabel Hernández)

10/24  Ch. 14 (African Woman), Ch. 15 (Isabel Victoria García)

11/7    Ch. 6 (Mothers and Wives in Labor Agreements) and Ch. 7 (Criminal Complaint by Angela de Palacios)

11/9    Ch. 13 (A convent for indigenous women)

11/14  Ch. 5 (Life and Love)

11/21  Ch. 9 (Sor Ana) and 10 (Spiritual Diary)