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HONR.1100: First Year Seminar in Honors/S. Thompson

postcard reading "Greetings from Lowell"

First Year Seminar : Honors

The course is intended to help introduce first year students to several of the communities you will engage with over your undergraduate experience at UMass Lowell, including the University, the Honors College, and the City of Lowell. In this guide you can learn the following skills required for succeeding in your FYSH course:

  • Searching for Articles & Books
  • Searching for Archives and Primary Source Documents
  • Evaluating Your Sources

About the FYSH Course

The First Year Seminar in Honors (FYSH) uses Lowell as its text.  Rich in history and culture, and the students' home for the next four years, the City of Lowell offers a perfect topic to promote connections while learning how to view the city through the lens of the Humanities.  Students will develop library research skills, including facility with primary and secondary sources, and an appreciation for the narratives that lie in buildings, objects, and what people leave behind. Activities include field trips, readings, writing, and discussion.  As important, students will have the opportunity to form strong connections to each other, to the faculty, and to the community.