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Beginning French I and Culture: WLFR.1010

church spires and sky
Moulins, photo by Otourly  CC BY SA

Welcome to French I and Culture

In this course you will undertake the study of a language that is the vehicle of communication of one of the world’s great cultures. You will learn to communicate in basic French and to read simple French texts. Even if French is not your major or even your minor, this course can be of great benefit to you. You may use it in your business, in your personal life, or as a research tool in graduate school. Studying French entails not only knowledge of the language, but also an awareness of the history, culture and literature of France and the francophone world.  


Contextualized French Grammar: A Handbook, 1st edition. Stacey Katz Bourns. Cengage Learning 2013. 

sculpture at the top of a column
Basilique Sainte-Marie-Madeleine de Vézelay
Photo by Vassil   PD

Required Texts

Vis-à-vis Beginning French 7th edition. Amon, Muyskens, and Omaggio Hadley. Mc Graw Hill. 2019. (HARD COPY OR EBOOK ACCEPTED)

Online workbook/laboratory manual/eBook to accompany Vis-à-vis 7th edition. Mc Graw Hill. 2019. CONNECT PLUS French (eBOOK, online workbook, and Learnsmart component included).