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HIST.1050: Western Civilization I

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ancient greek coin
Coin Showing a Gorgon Reverse: Head of nymph Parthenos
​Classical Period, 411-356 B.C.
​Collection, Art Institute of Chicago
Used under Artstor Terms and Conditions


Welcome to Western Civilization with Lauren Fogle

This course surveys many of the important issues and events in the history of Western Civilization from its origins through the early modern period, including ancient Mesopotamia, classical Greece and Rome, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance. These include "civilization" and the rise of cities, different imaginings of god(s) and humanity, evolving forms of political organization, continuity and change in social organization and everyday life, and the ongoing dialogue of faith and reason.

Required Text

(This book is available at the UML Bookstore. If you choose to use a different edition of this text, please understand that some of the chapters will not correspond completely with what we are doing in class. You do this at your own risk.)