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SOCI.4050: Feminist Methodologies

Welcome to Feminist Methodologies with Professor Najarian Souza

We will explore feminist strategies for creating, implementing, and analyzing a qualitative research project that is grounded in the everyday lives of people while situating them in a social, political, and economic context. We will also investigate how to use a variety of qualitative approaches while doing a feminist project and the ways in which feminism can enlighten understandings of “traditional” qualitative methods.

Required Texts

DeVault, M. (1999). Liberating Method: Feminism and Social Research.
Emerson, R., Fretz, R., and Shaw, L. (2011) Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes, 2nd Edition.
Pugh, A. (2009). Longing and Belonging: Parents, Children, and Consumer Culture. Course Reader. (I will provide you with any additional articles.)