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Faculty Guide to UMass Lowell Library Services

If you need digital services, come to O'Leary Library between 9:00 and 5:00 weekdays, or contact Celine Beaudry, (, with questions.

interior of room with computers and desks/
photo by Tony Sampas

Welcome to Digital Media Services 

We have a range services to support you: 

  • To request streaming media for your class, please fill out this form.
  • To request streaming media for an event, please contact Sara Marks (
  • To borrow equipment, please come to O'Leary 245 or reach out to Celine Beaudry ( for more information. 

In addition to video and audio recording equipment, we have several Mac workstations loaded with the Adobe Creative Suite. 

We can also help search the library's DVD collection.

Equipment Available

♦ Digital Video Cameras

♦ Canon Vixiz HFM 500 SD Card

 Digital Still Cameras

♦ LCD projectors

 5 & 6 foot Portable Screen


Portable Audio Sound Systems

 Anchor speakers

♦ Peavy amp head (4 and 6 input)

 Peavy speakers (small and large)



 Samson Wireless Lavelier

♦ Shure SM58 hand held

♦ Wireless hand held

 Shotgun mics

 Wired lavelier mics

 Video Light Kits