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ENGL.3780: Asian American Literature

How Do I Search the Library Catalog?

Begin your search for journals and databases at the UML library catalog. View a full guide about literature research here where you will find the top literature journals and databases and access useful websites when conducting research.

Citation Help

Papers should be:

  • double-spaced, size 12 Times Roman, stapled, and titled, with 1-inch margins and page numbers
  • follow MLA format & use gender neutral language

I expect you to know the basics of writing essays; so, for example, if your essay is rife with grammatical, typographical, and/or stylistic errors, you can expect no better than a C at the very most. If you have concerns about your writing, please see me well before the due date of essays.

Start by checking out these resources for citation help:

  • MLA Stylesheet
  • MLA Handbook  Comprehensive instructions for using MLA style citations from U. of Maryland.
  • MLA Style Center Telling it like it IS for writing style. Includes such spine tingling topics as "US or U.S.?" Very methodical approach to topics and questions about writing style.
  • Purdue OWL  Online Writing Lab, complete guide to MLA style citations
  • RefWorks is a web based, citation formatting software that is available to all UMass Lowell Faculty, Students and Staff. Just set up an individual account at the Refworks site. Tutorials are also available on the site. Most of our indexes to journal articles enable you to export the citations you've marked into Refworks for formatting.

Instructional Support

At the UML Writing Center (3rdfloor O’Leary Library), tutors are available (for free) to help you at any stage in the writing process. They will help you generate ideas, organize and revise, understand grammar, avoid plagiarism, or with any other difficulties you may have with your writing. (The one thing they won’t do, however, is simply proofread/edit your paper for you.) To make an appointment visit The Centers for Learning and Academic Support Services also provide many resources, including tutoring in a variety of subjects, academic advising, computing resources, and study skills sessions. CLASS resources are available across UML campuses. Visit more information.