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Deshpande Symposium Award Nominations 2022

Nominations: The Deshpande Symposium Awards 2022

The Deshpande Symposium Awards recognize outstanding accomplishment in areas that promote innovation and entrepreneurship on college and university campuses. The awards also celebrate individuals for their outstanding contributions to the field; those who, with their home institutions, demonstrate excellence and serve as role models for others. In addition, the Awards Committee may also recognize programs or institutions that show potential and innovation in their approaches, where appropriate, with the Rising Star Award.

The Deshpande Symposium Awards shine a spotlight of recognition on the leaders and institutions championing and supporting innovation and entrepreneurship. We encourage you to use the links below to submit your nominations. Please help us shine the spotlight on the stars and exemplars of innovation in higher education and entrepreneurship.

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Excellence in Curriculum Innovation in Entrepreneurship

Demonstrated exemplary commitment to, and success in, developing and offering innovative educational courses and/or programs that foster entrepreneurship education across the institution. 

Click here for more detail and to submit a nomination.

Excellence in Student Engagement in Entrepreneurship 

Encouraged student leadership and engagement in developing innovative extra and co-curricular activities that support the development of entrepreneurial awareness, skills, and practice.  

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The Entrepreneurial University

Demonstrated excellence in both the Curriculum Innovation in Entrepreneurship and Student Engagement in Entrepreneurship categories. This institution must provide evidence that support for entrepreneurial programs and initiatives are integrated across the institution's strategic plan.

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Exemplary Practice in Technology Commercialization

Developed and delivered a comprehensive program that helped accelerate innovations from the laboratory and research into commercialization.

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Outstanding Contributions to Advancing Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Higher Education 

Demonstrated extraordinary achievements to entrepreneurship in higher education. The recipient of this award should be known for leadership activities, service, and/or contributions to advancing the field of entrepreneurship in higher education.

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