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CHEM.1230L: Chemistry I Lab

Office Hours

Office Hours: Where to Get Help

All teaching assistants involved with the course will be available for consultation and help in the Freshman Chemistry Help Center, Olney 407. A schedule of office hours will be posted on the laboratory doors. You may obtain help from any of the teaching assistants during their scheduled office hours: you are not required to see only your own Instructor. Sometimes, for students having difficulties, it is in fact beneficial to get another Instructor's point-of-view. The Centers for Learning also provide a system of peer tutoring, and schedules for this are posted at Southwick Hall and on various bulletin boards around the University.

On-Line Help is also available from any computer connected to the internet. If you don’t have such a computer at home, computer clusters connected to the internet are located in several places around the campus, including at the Centers for Learning. 

For matters of a more personal nature, such as grading, consult your own instructor. For matters that cannot be handled by your instructor, such as class absences or permission to perform experiments in advance because of a university event, consult the course coordinator, Mr. Hall, Olney 214.


Additional Lab Supplies Required

In addition to purchasing safety goggles (see above), students will need to purchase:

  • paper towels
  • small stick-on labels or tape that can be written on, or a “Sharpie” fine point permanent marker
  • sufficient 1mm ´ 1 mm scale graph paper for the lab reports. No other size grid size is permitted.