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BMEN.4610/5610: Drug Delivery

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Although sometimes it is possible to download an entire book depending on limits set by publishers, it may not be the best option for reading the book. Access to full downloads can be limited in duration, and a book no longer be accessible after a set number of days.

Downloading pages or chapter to PDF and using them in that form can be a better option. The PDF's can be highlighted and notated, and you have the option of printing them out.

Some books will allow a limited number of pages to be downloaded. However, this limit resets after 24 hours, so you can go in to the book again and download whatever the maximum allowance as often as you want.

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Welcome to Library Support for BMEN.4610

Your instructor has asked you to read, understand, and present primary literature on drug delivery applications.

This library guide contains information and instruction to help you fulfill this assignment as effectively as you can. Please feel free to contact the library directly for help. There is an FAQ section on the "Need Help" page or you can contact Sara Marks, (

Different Types of Literature Sources

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Types of Health Articles

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