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MATLAB Introduction

Guide to using MATLAB for data analytics at UML

Installing MATLAB


MATLAB will be the primary tool used.   For most students the best options are to install MATLAB on their personal computer system (Windows, MacOS, linux) OR determine the best UML lab system to use (you may NOT install the software on a third-pary platform). If you have already have access to MATLAB through a UML research lab that may be a good option.   You do not need the most recent version (R2019b).    You may also be able to use MATLAB Online (browser access).   The following information mainly addresses the first option (installing MATLAB on a personal computing system). 

Whatever operating environment works best for you, the first step will be for you to open a MathWorks account.  


UML MATLAB Academic License (Information and Software download link)

Utilize the following link for MATLAB information and download instructions