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Blackboard Quick Start Guide

If you need to quickly migrate material for a traditional, face-to-face course online, this guide will help you get started.
UML Resources for More Help

Echo 360 to record lectures at home or on campus

Echo 360 is software available in many UML classrooms for lecture capture. You can also download it and use it to create lectures at home.

Echo 360 produces very high quality products, but it takes a little time to learn. Still, if you want a tool to blend your existing slide decks with video of you talking, this is a great, highly customizable option. The links above have more information, but to help you navigate:

  • UML Instructional Technology (link above) offers webinars and assistance here
  • There's an example of a UML on campus lecture here.
  • The UML Continuity of Learning site also has more information here