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Blackboard Quick Start Guide

If you need to quickly migrate material for a traditional, face-to-face course online, this guide will help you get started.
How to Post Material

Plan an organizational structure

Before you start uploading material, consider starting by using "Build Content" to add folders that will hold everything you post related to a single unit.

For example, if your course is organized by time, you could make a "Week 1" folder. Or if you organize by textbook chapters, you could make a "Chapter 12" folder. ​This is an example of what a home page organizational structure could look like:

example home page showing navigation and folders

Once you've created the folders, you can upload your content inside the folders themselves, which saves having to reorganize later on. 

An example of folder content

If you organize material using folders, you might start by adding some kind of "to do" list and then some kind of "lecture" content. Here's what that would look like:

a folder showing an agenda plus lecture notes for week 1

Kinds of content you can upload

You can click "Build Content" to add many kinds of digital content, including files, links, audio, video, etc. This is how you'll post things like lectures and handouts--basically everything you want to be sure the whole class will see.

For new Blackboard users, the choices on the left are the best. "File" is a popular option because it allows you to upload files you have saved on your computer. PDF files work especially well because Blackboard displays them like web pages. 

options from the build content menu