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HIST.3489, Reform and Revolution in Latin America

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three men sitting under a giant chandelier
Richard M. Nixon, Anastasio Somoza Debayle, Alexander M. Haig, 1971
Photo by Jack E. Kightlinger, 1932-2009            PD
US Archives and Records Administration

Welcome to Reform and Revolution in Latin America

This course focuses on reform movements and revolutions in modern Latin America as a way of considering how individuals and groups articulate their needs and demand access to resources, representation, and political change. Common themes we will consider during the semester:

• land reform 
• voting rights
• environmental protection 
• indigenous representation
• anti-imperialism. 

Goals for the Course

Students completing the class will be able to

►explain major themes and events in Latin American History since the early twentieth century, acknowledging the differences and similarities between nations and regions;
►demonstrate an understanding of the differing experiences of people and groups depending on their racial, ethnic, gender, and/or national identities and socioeconomic status, and how their experiences shape their demands for change,
►analyze and interpret primary and secondary sources in Latin American History and cite relevant and appropriate information from multiple sources to make written and oral arguments.