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Libguides Accessible for All

Best Practices for Creating Accessible Libguides


For persons of low vision and color blind people, some simple practices will ensure ease of visibility on the guide. When selecting font and background colors, be sure that there is sufficient contrast so that the text stands out. Currently our default link color in libguides does NOT pass the contrast test, so there is work to be done at the system, as well as individual, levels.

-Use of Color

Be sure that if you use a color to convey substantive information, that you include a text alternative, so that color blind persons are not disadvantaged. An example of this would be using colored tabs to indicate pages.


Wave is an easily installed extension to the Chrome browser which can be used for instantaneous testing of the accessibility of a web page. You can add WAVE to your Chrome browser

using this page. Use this page to learn more about applying WAVE.