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Libguides Accessible for All

Best Practices for Creating Accessible Libguides

Universal Web Accessibility: Not Just a Good Idea-It's the Law

As a public University we have a mandate to serve all of the people of the state of Massachusetts. This includes a wide array of learning styles. People who see, hear, and move in ways which differ from the majority are included in this legal mandate.

Often these people rely on assistive devices to navigate through what many take for granted- the internet. We have a responsibility to ensure that these devices can navigate the web pages we generate. In the case of Libguides this job is made considerably easier by the thorough and responsive job which Springshare does in designing the html behind the pages we create. However, universal accessibility is still in our hands.

What follows is an outline of best practices to ensure that our Libguides are available to ALL of our students.