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Creating an Advanced Search in Ebsco Databases

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Search Tips for Ebsco Databases

Sometimes a search can result in too many hits or too few hits. To fine tune your search, you can use AND, OR, and NOT operators to link your search words together to broaden or narrow the search.
Try a few experiments.

Using the AND Operator
If you have a search term that is too general, you can add several terms together using "AND"  further defining your search and reducing the number of results.

Note: Unless you choose a specific search field,(keyword, author, subject etc.), the results will contain references where all your search terms are located in either the citation, full display or full text.

  • For example, type art and design to find results that refer to both art and design.

Using the OR Operator
In order to broaden a search, you can link terms together using the "OR" operator.  Linked by this operator, your words are searched simultaneously and independently of each other.

  • As an example, search art AND design OR architecture to find results that reference the terms "art" and "design", or the term "architecture".

Using the NOT Operator
In order to narrow a search, you can link words together by using the "NOT" operator. This operator will help you to filter out specific topics you do not wish included as part of your search.

  • Type: art OR design NOT architecture to find results that contain the terms "art" or "design" but not the term "architecture".
  • To further define your results, type: art AND design AND architecture to limit the search to include all terms linked by the "AND" operator.