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Intermediate French 4 and Culture: WLFR.2120-201


circular stained glass window with statues
Notre Dame, photo courtesy Imagebase

Welcome to Intermediate French 4 and Culture

A continuation of  Beginning French 4, which is a prerequisite. Reviews and reinforces basic grammatical structures and idiomatic patterns with emphasis upon increased proficiency in oral expression and listening comprehension. You will continue to learn how to communicate in intermediate French and to read and write simple French texts. The course is taught in French and you will practice the four basic skills for language development: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing in addition to exploring the cultures of French-speaking peoples around the world.

Required Texts

Textbook: Pause-Café: French in Review, Moving toward Fluency. Megharbi, Pellet, Blyth and Foerster. Mc Graw Hill. 2009. Mandatory
IMPORTANT NOTE: we typically use a hard copy version of the textbook but there is a digital version for rent: student-edition-megharbi-nora-pellet-v0077415213

Textbook’s free website:

Conversation Mises á Jours