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WLKH.2100: Introduction to Cambodian Culture

 sculpture of dancing figure
Tutelary Divinity, Cambodia, Baphuon style, 11th century
The Cleveland Museum of Art
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Welcome to WLKH.2100: Introduction to Cambodian Culture

This 3-credit course focuses on the culture of Cambodia from ancient times to the present. Specifically, this course provides an overview of the geography, demographics, monarchy, religion, architecture, dance & music, literature and performing arts in historical context. The course also requires students to examine contemporary Cambodia in terms of change and continuity with the past. 

Course Goals:

  • To develop a broad knowledge of Cambodian culture and cultural institutions.
  • To understand the multiple forces (political, religious, economic, social, geographic, linguistic, artistic, environmental) that have shaped Cambodian culture.
  • To think critically about the way Cambodian culture has been studied and represented.