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Dimensions: Linked Research

Updates, 10/2019

Data Updates
Since our last product update in June, more than 4 million publications, grants, patents, clinical trials, and policy documents have been added to Dimensions. We have added arXiv content including links to their published version in the database and grants from more than 80 new funders, such as multiple Health Research Alliance funders; Breast Cancer Now, or Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance.

New journal Lists
Dimensions provides you with filters to focus your search on established collections of journals and other source titles. New quality lists added since our last update:
- ERIH Plus: the European Reference Index for the Humanities - a journal index for high-quality research in social sciences and humanities
- SciELO: Scientific Electronic Library Online - a journal index for high-quality research in social sciences and humanities - a bibliographic database of open access journals
- VABB-SHW: Flemish Academic Bibliographic Database for the Social Sciences and HumanitiesDefine time ranges in charts
It is now possible to specify the time range for all Overview and Timeline charts. You can go back in time up to 50 years or plot the future activity in terms of grants and clinical trials.

New Filters
Two new filters for patents - Priority year, Filed year - as well as filters for grant and clinical trial status have been added. The status filters allow you to filter by grants and clinical trials which a) are finished, b) have not started yet, c) are ongoing, and d) which have an unknown status (no start date / end date available).

Improved Fields of Research Categories
We improved the methodology to categorize publications into Fields of Research (FOR) with significant improvements in terms of precision and recall. In addition to that, Dimensions now also provides the broader 2-digit FOR codes across all content types - as a filter, in analytical views and on details pages.

New Publication Indicators
We improved the way to present indicators in the Analytical Views for publications and also added several new indicators. Per default you will now see three columns: 1) publications, 2) total number of citations, and 3) average number of citations. Depending on your Dimensions version you can select other indicator families to analyze the academic impact or Altmetric attention.

Data Export for Charts
There is a new download option for all charts in Dimensions which allows you to download the data used in the chart as xls or csv. This is especially useful when you want to recreate a chart in Excel or use another chart type which is not supported in Dimensions.

Units of Assessment
We implemented Units of Assessment (UoA) as a new categorization system for publications in Dimensions. UoA is a classification scheme used by the Research Excellence Framework 2021 (REF) for assessing the quality of research in UK Higher Education Institutions. We have implemented this system using automated allocation of UoA codes to documents in Dimensions based on category definitions defined by machine learning. The UoA categories are available in Dimensions Analytics.Upcoming webinars 
Webinar Opportunities: Leveraging Dimensions for REF Preparations:
November 4, 10:00 am EDT
Join us to learn how you can use Dimension’ new Unit of Assessment categorizations to support your REF-related work. Register here
Full-Text Searching: The Dimensions Advantage:
November 5, 12:00 pm EDT
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