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Deshpande Symposium Award Nominations 2022

First Award

Excellence in Curriculum Innovation in Entrepreneurship

The purpose of this award is to recognize an institution that demonstrates exemplary commitment to, and success in, developing and offering innovative educational courses and / or programs that foster entrepreneurship education across the institution.  Specific areas that will be evaluated for this award will include:

  • Evidence of innovation and entrepreneurship courses and / or programs offering experiential, interdisciplinary learning opportunities throughout students’ education.
  • Evidence of support for innovation and entrepreneurship across curriculum beyond traditional business and management disciplines (e.g., engineering, health tech, etc.).
  • Demonstration of Student Leadership Opportunities related to the development of entrepreneurial culture, skills and practice.
  • Evidence of Student Achievement and Success through the programs.

Nominations for this award should answer the following questions regarding the prospective award nominee:

Question 1: Provide a detailed description of the innovative courses and / or programs at the institution that foster entrepreneurship education with examples of the diversity and breadth of engagement with faculty, students and staff.  [Maximum 1000 words]

Question 2: Provide evidence of the impact of the entrepreneurship educational courses and / or program through examples of successful outcomes, student leadership opportunities and overall student achievement. [Maximum 500 words]

In addition, nominations should include at least the following required letter of support:

  • From President, Chancellor, Provost, Dean or Head of Department supporting the application (required)   
  • From a participant in the program (optional)
  • Additional reference from a third party supporting the program (optional).


Please use the form below to submit your nomination.


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