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Deshpande Symposium Awards 2019

Third Award

The Entrepreneurial University

The purpose of this award is to recognize an institution that demonstrates excellence in both the Curriculum Innovation in Entrepreneurship and Student Engagement in Entrepreneurship categories. This institution must provide evidence that support for entrepreneurial programs and initiatives are integrated across the institution’s strategic plan.  Specific areas that will be evaluated for this award will include:

  • Evidence of excellence in each of the categories above including Curriculum Innovation in Entrepreneurship and Student Engagement in Entrepreneurship.
  • Evidence of integration of entrepreneurship across the institution’s planning, administration and operations.
  • Evidence that the institution’s commitment to entrepreneurship is recognized and acknowledged by peer organizations and institutions.

Nominations for this award should answer all four (4) questions from the previous two (2) categories regarding the prospective award nominee.  In addition, nominations should include the following letters of support:

  • From President, Chancellor or Provost supporting the application (required)
  • From a participant in the program (required)
  • Additional reference from a third party supporting the program (optional)


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