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Deshpande Symposium Award Nominations 2022

Fifth Award

Award for Outstanding Contributions to Advancing Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Higher Education

The purpose of this award is to recognize an individual who has demonstrated extraordinary achievements to entrepreneurship in higher education.  The recipient of this award should be known for leadership activities, service, and/or contributions to advancing the field of entrepreneurship in higher education. 

Nominations for this award should answer the following questions regarding the prospective award nomine:

Question 1: Provide an overall summary of the nominee’s leadership activities highlighting how the nominee’s work has had significant positive impact in driving entrepreneurship within the higher education community. [Not to exceed 1,000 words.]

Question 2: Identify through specific examples how the nominee has demonstrated sustained leadership that has been transformative, either within his/her educational institution or within the broader higher education community. [Not to exceed 1000 words.]

In addition, nominations should include at least the following required letter of support:

  • From President, Chancellor or Provost supporting the application (required)
  • From a colleague or peer supporting the nominees accomplishments (optional)
  • Additional letter of support from an institution/individual outside of the nominee’s institution (optional).


Please use the form below to submit your nomination.


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