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Faculty Guide to Library Services



The Libguides Automagic LTI Tool will let us add pre-selected libguides to each Blackboard course shell, all at once. We can configure the options in LibApps, add Metadata to the guides & courses, have our Blackboard Admin set it up in Blackboard, and watch the magic happen.  Each time a new Blackboard course shell is generated, the pre-selected libguide(s) will open automatically into every Blackboard shell directly, and appear within the Blackboard frame/screen. This video tutorial will explain the steps to allow you to embed Libguides in to the Blackboard shell for your course.


You can find the LTI information to send to your Blackboard Admins in LibApps > Admin > LTI Tool Builder. (Only folks designated as LibApps Admins can access the Admin menu.) The Manual and Automagic tools each have a "Configuration Details" section with the appropriate information to send them. You'll want to send the Launch URL, Consumer Key, and Shared Secret.


Screenshots on where to find the information are in our guide for both Manual and Automagic.


More details on how to add it to Blackboard are here, as well, including a pdf you can download / send to your Blackboard admins, if they need it (they may not):