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Help with Cochrane Reviews


Many thousands of people from around the world contribute to Cochrane by writing Cochrane Reviews. Review teams, typically comprising clinicians and researchers, come together to address a particular topic by summarizing all the available evidence. A number of factors may motivate authors to undertake a systematic review. For example, reviews can be conducted in an effort to resolve conflicting evidence, to address questions of clinical uncertainty, to explore variations in practice or to highlight a need for further research, but the overarching aim in preparing a review is to help people make well-informed decisions about health care.

Creating a Team

It is essential that Cochrane Reviews be undertaken by more than one person. This ensures that tasks such as selection of studies for eligibility and data extraction can be performed by at least two people independently, increasing the likelihood that errors are detected. Where possible, review authors are encouraged to seek and incorporate the views of users, including consumers, clinicians and those from varying regions and settings in the development of protocols and reviews.

There should be someone willing to act as a contact person for the review, and to provide project management and leadership within the team. Further details of the expectations of author teams can be found here: