The LearningForce for Faculty Success

What Can the LearningForce Do for You?

The UMass Lowell Library 
is developing a suite of applications for —

►effectively sharing

knowledge of all kinds. We call this the LearningForce— a way to focus and concentrate library resources, academic support services and open educational resources around a single overarching goal: student success in your class.

How Does it Work?

The Library offers it's LearningForce to all faculty, staff, and students. Content is driven by collaboration with faculty using—

►course syllabi
►course assignments
►term projects
►task or skillset specific assignments, (e.g. student video, Brainshark)
►open textbook options
► e-reserves

What The LearningForce Offers

The Library team produces, catalogs, and preserves—


These are collected and published to the Learningforce platform, (Libguides). The guides are designed for maximum clarity, and synchronized to course and program dates. Guides are shared with students at precise times determined to be of most impact. They can be delivered via email, text or through a Blackboard-embedded website.

Here’s How It Works 

The Library's LearningForce serves the university at the crossroads of information, instruction, and technology. The Learningforce is crucially engaged with identifying points in the pedagogical process that are sensitive to intervention, and bringing to bear effective tools as and when students need them.

LearningForce tutorials cover—

♦ library services
♦ academic skills
♦ course, program or assignment content using rich digital media 

The library provides and supports

♦ narrated, animated Powerpoint presentations
♦ narrated screencasts
♦ video clips of all kinds
♦podcasts, audio transcripts and closed captioning

Each tutorial will be collected, cataloged and archived by the library, preserved on the library platform, and made easily discoverable for ongoing use.