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College Writing II

Citation Styles

There are several ways to acknowledge the ideas and words of others in your papers. Most result in in-text notation plus a reference list or bibliography. These are called writing styles, and they include

APA, (American Psychological Association)
MLA (Modern Language Association) 
Chicago Manual of Style, sometimes referred to as Turabian.

These are the main styles, there are other, less frequently used styles as well. For instance the Institute for Electronics and Electronics Engineers, (IEEE) has it's own style.

Cite your sources

No matter which style you use, you need to cite your sources!

When you cite, you:

  • avoid plagiarism
  • give credit to researchers and acknowledge their ideas
  • allow readers to track the sources you used
  • back up your research.

APA Citations

Understanding APA Citations

If you cannot access the above video, you can watch it here