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Data Management Planning

For the National Institutes of Health

Suggested paragraph content for your NIH document:

  • Indicate the data products that will be shared.
  • Include in the list any analytic tools being provided, such as algorithms, code, or software.
  • What is the format of the final dataset? (e.g., Excel spreadsheets, text records, jpg images, an SQL database. Specify if there are particular tools or software required to read the data.)
  • Optional: What additional documentation will be included to allow others to use the data? (Specify if the data applies a standard metadata format used by your community, and indicate if explanatory text files, code books, or other documentation will be included.)

Data access and policies

How will the data be disseminated and accessed?  Modes of sharing include:

  1. Data will be deposited at a data archive. (Name the archive or data center, mention if it is NIH-funded or has data access policies and procedures consistent with NIH data sharing policies.) See UML Sample Documents.
  2. Identify when the data will be shared. NIH policy requires the timely release and sharing to be no later than the acceptance for publication of the main findings from the final data set.