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Center for Lowell History/ 2019

This Lowell History Bibliography represents a combination of UMass Lowell holdings combined with those of other institutions.


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Almy family.  Papers, 1649-1984, 1832-1984 (bulk).  Baker, Harvard University.

American Association of University Women. Massachusetts State Division.  Records, 1930-1976.  Schlesinger, Harvard University.

American Folklife Center, Library of Congress: Lowell Folklife Project.  Taped Interviews and Records, 1987.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Amoskeag Manufacturing Company.  Records, 1831-1936.  Baker, Harvard University.

Appleton (William) and Company.  Records, 1840-1889.  Baker, Harvard University.

Appleton Company.  Records, 1826.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Appleton Company.  Record.  American Museum of Textile History.

Arms, Eleanor Maria, 1864-1937.  Correspondence, Diaries, and Papers.

Ayer, James Hazen Brickett, 1788-1864.  Correspondence, 1823.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Bailey, Levi, 1766-1850.  Account book, 1831-1843.  Baker, Harvard University.

Baldwin Family.  Business papers, 1724-1880, 1787-1865 (bulk).  Baker, Harvard University.

Bancroft, Jefferson.  Personal Papers and Business Records.  Lowell Museum at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Bancroft, Jefferson.  Sheriff Records, Northern Middlesex County.  Lowell Museum at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Bancroft Family.  Papers.  Lowell Museum a Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Batchelder, Samuel.  Scrapbook.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Bigelow-Sanford Carpet Company.  Records, 1828-1953.  Baker, Harvard University.

Blackwell, Alice Stone, 1857-1950.  Papers in the Woman's Rights Collection, 1885-1950.  Schlesinger, Harvard University.

Bockes, Reverand Leslie.  Photographs and Papers Church of All Nations.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Boott Cotton Mills.  Records, 1836-1954.  Lowell Museum at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Boott Cotton Mills.  Records, 1836-1954.  Baker, Harvard University. 

Boston and Lowell Railroad.  Records, 1836-1878.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell. 

Boston and Maine Railroad.  Engineering Drawings and Records, 1890-1950.   Boston and Maine Railroad Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Boston Manufacturing Company.  Records, 1813-1930.  Baker, Harvard University. 

Boyden, Uriah Atherton, 1804-1879.  Scrapbook: 1826-1862.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Brownell, George, 1793-1872.  Journal on a Voyage to England, 1839.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Burnham, Miss.  Diary, 1833.  Schlesinger, Harvard University.

Butler, Benjamin Franklin, 1818-1893, Cartoons 1860s-1880s.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Camara. Portuguese Photographs, 1905-1920.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Case, Dow.  Photographs and Papers, 1930-1960.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Case, Eliphalet and Luella J. B. Case.  Records, 1830-1860.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Cemeteries (Lowell).  Gravestone Rubbings, 1820-1860.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Central Bridge.  Records, 1825-1844.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Cocheco Manufacturing Company.  Records, 1821-1879.  Baker, Harvard University.

Coggeshall, John Ingersoll.  Photographs, 1857-1912.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Commodore Ballroom.  Photographs, Sheet Music, and Business Records, 1940s-1950s.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Corliss Family.  Papers, 1833-1866, 1846-1857 (bulk).  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Corporation of Members of Catholic Association.  Papers and Records, 1891-1993.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell. 

Cutter, Coroline, 1813-.  Journal.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Davis, Katherine Kenicott.  Professional papers and library, 1892-1980.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Dublin, Thomas, 1946-.  Women at work [computer file]  Baker, Harvard University.

Edson, Theodore,.   Diaries, 1824-1841.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts.

Elliott.  Diary, 1861-1863.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Fall River Iron Works Company.  Records, 1821-1909.  Baker, Harvard University.

Father John's Medicine Company.  Records, 1830-1980.  Lowell Museum at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Faulkner and Colony Manufacturing Company.  Records, 1815-1948.  Baker, Harvard University.

Faulkner, Martha A. Merriam -1905.  Diaries, 1864-1905.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Fire Department.  Records, 1828-1840.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Flather, John Rogers.  Personal and Business Papers.  Lowell Museum at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Foley, Elizabeth.  Photographs and Diaries, 1950-1970.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Ford Family (Rebecca Ford, Caroline Ford, and Sally K. Ford).    Correspondence, 1838 1899.  Middlebury College.

Francis, James B.  Records.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Gilman Family.  Papers.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Glidden, Charles Jasper, 1857-1927.   Photographs, 1902-1907.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Gray, Finley.  Railroad Photographs, 1890-1930.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Greenleaf and Hubbard.  Records, 1850-1860.  Baker, Harvard University.

Gordon, Nathaniel Batchelder, 1791-.  Business papers, 1813-1846.  Baker, Harvard University.

Grace Universalist Church.  Records, 1895-1896.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Great Falls Manufacturing Company.  Records, 1823-1933.  Baker, Harvard University.

Hamilton Manufacturing Company.  Records, 1825-1917.  Baker, Harvard University.

Hamilton Woolen Company.  Records, 1822-1936.  Baker, Harvard University.

Harvard College Observatory.  Records of Director, Joseph Winlock, 1866-1875.  Baker, Harvard University.

Healey.  Correspondence.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Human Services Corporations.  Papers, 1970-1995.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Hurd Family.  Business records, 1754-1898.  Baker, Harvard University.

Hurd Mills.  Business records, 1826-.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Ipswich Mills.  Records, 1832-1929, 1868-1929 (bulk).  Baker, Harvard University.

Knapp, Chauncey.  Scrapbook.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Larcom, Lucy, 1824-1893.  Letters, 1877, 1882.  Schlesinger, Harvard University.

Lawrence Manufacturing Company.  Records, 1831-1955, 1831-1926 (bulk).  Baker, Harvard University. 

Lord, William, 1799-1873.  Business records, 1799-1869, 1822-1869 (bulk).  Baker, Harvard University.

Lowell, Engineer's Office.  Photographs, 1910-1938.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Lowell, Expenses.  Broadsides, 1833-1835.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Lowell, Handicapped Affairs Commission.  Papers.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Lowell, High School.  Broadsides, 1839-1869.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Lowell, School: Middlesex Village.  Attendance and Business Records.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Lowell, Water Board Commission.   Records, 1870-1945.  Lowell Museum at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts.

Lowell Bleachery.  Records.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Lowell Central Labor Council.  Business Records, 1899-1978.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Lowell Corporation Hospital.  Records, 1844-1888.  Saints Memorial Hospital at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Lowell Ethnic Covenant.  Papers, 1984-1995.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Lowell Horticultoral Society.  Papers.  Lowell HIstorical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massaxhusetts Lowell.

Lowell Institute for Savings.  Business Records, 1829-1930s.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts.

Lowell Machine Shop.  Records, 1845-1912.  Baker, Harvard University.

Lowell Museum, 1851-.  Promptbooks for productions of Shakespeare's As You Like It, ca  1794-1970.  Baker, Harvard University.

Lowell Museum 1851-.  Broadsides and Programs, 1851.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Lutz, Alma, 1890-1973, collector.  Collection of documents by and about abolitionists and women's rights activists, Part 2 (Liv-W), 1775-1943.  Schlesinger, Harvard University.

Lyman Mills.  Records, 1833-1936, 1854-1927 (bulk).  Baker, Harvard University.

Manning (Warren H.) and Company.  Photographs and Business Records,   1860-1938.  Manning Family Association at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Manning Family.  Photographs and Papers, 1600-1930s.  Manning Family Association at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Marshall, Andrew, Mrs.  Papers, 1871-1884.  Schlesinger, Harvard University.

Mason, W.P.  Transfers of shares, 1824-1834.  Baker, Harvard University.

Massachusetts Mills.  Architectural and Engineering Drawings, 1900.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Mauger and Avery.  Records, 1873-1922.  Baker, Harvard University.

Merrill, Joshua.  Journal, 1826-.  Lowell HIstorical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Merrimack Manufacturing Company.  Records, 1821-1957.  Baker, Harvard University.

Merrimack Manufacturing Company.  Records, 1826.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Merrimack Valley Health Council.  Taped Interviews and Records, 1977.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Metherall, Ann.  Photographs, 1890s-1920s.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Middlesex Canal Company.  Records, 1793-1853.  Middlesex Canal Association at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Middlesex Company.  Record.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Middlesex Mechanics Association.  Records.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Mill Workers of Lowell, Oral History Project.  Tapes Interviews, 1985.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Morse, Kendall, 1932-1945.  Papers, 1932-1945.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Morse, Marion.  Papers.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Nashua and Lowell Railroad Corporation.  Records, 1835-1916.  Baker, Harvard University.

Nashua Manufacturing Company.  Records, 1824-1932.  Baker, Harvard University.

Neal, D.A. (David Augustus), 1793-1861.  Business records, 1818-1898.  Baker, Harvard University.

Nichols, J. Howard, 1838-1905.  Papers, 1856-1905.  Baker, Harvard University.

Northeast Textile Companies.  Business records of various New England and New York textile firms, 1710-1938.  Baker, Harvard University.

Noyes, Major.  Papers.  Lowell Historical Society, Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

O'Dwyer, George Francis, 1877-.  Papers, 1916 1927.  Boston College.

Page, Emma.  Correspondence, 1866-1878 (copy).  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Parkhill Manufacturing Company.  Records, 1879-1928.  Baker, Harvard University.

Parton, James, 1822-1891.  Papers, 1835-1966.  Houghton, Harvard University.

Pepperell Manufacturing Company.  Records, 1741-1932, 1839-1928 (bulk).  Baker, Harvard University.

Plympton Cotton Manufacturing Company.  Records, 1813-1841.  Baker, Harvard University.

Pontoosuc Woolen Manufacturing Company.  Records, 1835-1924, 1855-1904 (bulk).  Baker, Harvard University.

Proprietors of the Locks and Canals on Merrimack River.  Records, 1792-1947, 1825-1900 (bulk).  Baker, Harvard University.

Proprietors of the Locks and Canals on Merrimack River.  Records, 1836-1843, 1900-1904.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Proprietors of the Locks and Canals on Merrimack River.  Photographs, Architectural and Engineering Drawings,  1825-1947.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Reade, Phillip Diaries and Papers.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts.

Riddick, Raymond, Sr.  Photographs, Papers,  1930-1965.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Robinson, Harriet Jane Hanson, 1825-1911.  Papers of Harriet Jane Hanson Robinson and Harriette Lucy Robinson Shattuck, 1833-1937.  Schlesinger, Harvard University.

Rogers, Edith Nourse, 1881-1960.  Papers, 1854-1961, 1881-1961 (bulk).  Schlesinger, Harvard University.

Rogers Hall School for Girls.  Photographs and Records -1975.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Russell, George.  Photographs, 1916-1943.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Saco-Lowell Shops.  Records, 1855-1960.  Baker, Harvard University.

Safford, Arthur T., 1867-1951.  Business papers, 1903-1942.  Baker, Harvard University.

Severance, H.A., of Leyden, Massachusetts.  Diary, 1862-1866.  Schlesinger,  
Harvard University.

Shifting Gears, Oral History Project.  Taped Interviews and Papers, 1986.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Slater family.  Business records, 1793-1926.  Baker, Harvard University.

Smith-Baker Journals.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Southeast Asian, Oral History Project.  Taped Interviews, 1986.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Salem & Boston Stage Company.  Records, 1819-1839.  Harvard University.

Suffrage (anonymous).  Papers, 1700-1913.  Schlesinger, Harvard University.

Suncook Mills.  Records, 1864-1954.  Baker, Harvard University.

Symmes, Edward.  The diary, or Yeoman's calendar, manufacturer's almanack, and Lowell register.  For 1837, 1838.  Lowell, [1836-37].

Swain, George F., 1857-1931.  Papers, 1883-1926, 1900-1926 (bulk).  Baker, Harvard University.

Tremont and Suffolk Mills.  Architectural and Engineering Drawings, 1889-1932.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Tremont and Suffolk Mills.  Records, 1831-1936.  Baker, Harvard University.

Tsongas, Paul E.  Congressional Papers, 1974-1993.  Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

University of Massachusetts Lowell (State Normal School, Lowell State Teachers College, Lowell Textile School, Lowell Technological Institute).  Tape Interviews, Photographs, and Records, 1890s-1997.  Center for Lowell History,  
University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Varney, Edward Stuart.  Journals, 1892-1898.  Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Wendel family.  Business records, 1722-1865.  Baker, Harvard University.

Western Americana manuscripts at Houghton Library, 1805-1923.  Harvard University.

Whitaker, Channing.  Personal Papers and Business Records,  
Lowell Museum at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Whitaker, Channing.  Lowell Machine Shop Records,  
Lowell Museum at Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Whitin Machine Works.  Records, 1843-1933.  Baker, Harvard University.

Winthrop Mills.  Records, 1865-1935.  Baker, Harvard University.

Working People of Lowell, Oral History Project.  Taped Interviews, 1984.  
Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

World War II, Oral History Project by Marc Miller.  Taped Interviews, 1975.  
Center for Lowell History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.


ADVERTISER March 1837-December 1862 (some gaps)


AMERICAN (TRI-WEEKLY) May 1849-December 1853

AMERICAN CITIZEN August 1854-June 1862 (some gaps) 


ARENA  (SUNDAY) June 1891-March 1893


THE AWL – (Lynn, MA) July 1844-November 1845 


BOSTON GLOBE March 1872-December 1891


CASKET (LOWELL) September 1837-March 1838 (some gaps)

CENTRAVILLE  May 1916-November 1916

CHELMSFORD COURIER August 1824-June 1825 (some gaps)

CHELMSFORD PHOENIX September 1825-February 1826 (some gaps)


CHRONICLE (MORNING) January 1845-September 1845

CITIZEN     1850-February 1906

CITIZEN LEADER April 1941-May 1941

  Bangor 1834-1859 
  Biddford 1856-1857 
  Portland 1823-1860 
  Saco 1849

  Fall River 1853-1859 
  Haverhill 1853-1861 
  Lawrence 1847-1861 
  Lowell, MA 1832-1990 
  Lynn 1832-1860

  Concord 1830-1861 
  Dover 1830-1859 
  Great Falls 1842-1858 
  Keene 1827-1831 
  Manchester 1844-1860 
  Nashua 1841-1858 
  Peterborough 1830 
  Portsmouth 1817-1861

  National 1882 
  Lawrence, MA 1925 
  Lowell, MA 1932-2000 (many gaps)

COMMUNICATOR March 1972-May 1975

CONCORD FREEMAN September 1840

(some gaps)

COMPEND (LOWELL WEEKLY) May 1832-February 1833

COURIER (LOWELL) July 1835-February 1906 (some gaps)

COURIER-CITIZEN March 1906-March 1941

CRITIC (SUNDAY) September 1887-September 1891

THE DAY STAR March 1850

DEMOCRAT (EVENING) February 1885-May 1886

L'ETOILE September 1886-August 1957

EVANGELIST (LOWELL) April 1831-November 1832 (some gaps)

THE EXPERIMENT February 1832-April 1833

FREE PRESS (SATURDAY) September 1904-January 1906

FREE PRESS (LOWELL) August 1937-May 1941 

THE GAD-FLY July 1860

GAZETTE (LOWELL) September 1847


HERALD (THE MORNING) November 1853-March 1853 (some gaps)

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE &  February 1781-October 1815 (some gaps) 

L'INDEPENDENCE April 4-September 1890

LE JOURNAL April 1916-June 1916

LE JOURNAL 1980-1996

JOURNAL (LOWELL) March 1827-November 1866 (some gaps)


LADIES PEARL June 1840-1843 (some gaps)

LEADER (EVENING) May 1921-March 1941


LIBERATOR (LOWELL) August 1962-December 1963

LIFE IN LOWELL December 1843



MAIL (MORNING) July 1879-May 1908

MERCURY (& LOWELL JOURNAL) 1830-December 1835 (some gaps)

MERCURY GAZETTE (LOWELL) November 1829-August 1830

MERRIMACK JOURNAL March 1826-January 1827 (some gaps)


MIDDLESEX GAZETTE August 1820-March 1822 (some gaps)

MIDDLESEX STANDARD July 1844-March 1845



MIRROR (THE LOWELL) June 1852-August 1852 (some gaps)



NEW MOON November 1881-1885 (some gaps)

NEWS (SUNDAY) November 1916-May 1920

OFFERING (LOWELL) April 1840-1845

OFFERING (NEW ENGLAND) April 1848-March 1850

OBSERVER (LOWELL) January 1832-October 1833 (some gaps)

OLD LADIES PIECE BAG 1867-1899 (some gaps)

THE OPERATIVE December 1844-February 1845 (some gaps)

THE OPERATIVES MAGAZINE April 1841-August 1842

OPTIC (LOWELL) May 1961-August 1961 (some gaps)

OUR HOME November 1878-December 1894


PATRIOT (LOWELL) November 1834-August 1845

PATRIOT & REPUBLICAN (LOWELL) November 1846-August 1849  
(some gaps)

PHILANTHROPIST (LOWELL) September 1835 (some gaps)

PRESS (SUNDAY) October 1895-October 1899

REFORMER September 1872


REPUBLIQUE March 1901-June 1902

REVUE DE LOWELL August 1902-January 1904

ROSEBUD March 1832-August 1833

RUTLAND HERALD March 1812-October 1812 (some gaps)


SATYROS February 1914-April 1940 (some gaps)


THE SCOURGE September 1846

THE SPINDLE CITY September 1851-March 1852 (some gaps) 

EVENING STAR March 1890-December 1895

STAR (THE LOWELL) August 1870

STAR OF BETHLEHEM January 1841-May 1846 (some gaps)

THE STATE September 1885-January 1886 (some gaps)

SUN (LOWELL) August 1881 - May 2002

LE SUPPLEMENT March 1913-March 1916

TELEGRAM (LOWELL DAILY) October 1907-December 1907

TELEGRAM (LOWELL SUNDAY) April 1899-September 1952 

THE TIMES September 1833-December 1833 (some gaps)

TIMES (LOWELL MORNING) July 1875-December 1896 (some gaps)

TIMES (LOWELL WEEKLY) January 1880-December 1887


TRUMPET (THE LOWELL) April 1857-May 1857 (some gaps)


UNION (WEEKLY) April 1858

L'UNION May 1889-March 1890

 April 1842-June 1842 (some gaps)

LA VERITE August 1910-November 1910

VOICE OF INDUSTRY May 1845-April 1848 (some gaps)

VOX POPULI January 1842-1890 (some gaps) 

VOX POPULI (SATURDAY) March 1869-December 1889 (some gaps)

WORCESTER COUNTY GAZETTE & MIDDLESEX March 1845-July 1845 (some gaps) 

YOEMAN’S GAZETTE April 1827-January 1828 (some gaps)

ZION BANNER July 1840-March 1842 (some gaps)


Atlases show lots, buildings and property owners and are available for 1879, 1882, 1892, 1896, 1906 1936, 1977.  There are additional Lowell Maps showing some buildings, wards, and streets for 1829, 1832, 1845, 1850, 1866, 1878, 1888.


The Vetrerans Affairs Office at City Hall provides financial support to American Veterans.  Indexes are available of the surviving records for Lowell's Civil War Veterans.


Lowell Directories are available from 1832 to 1990.  They include:  Resident Directory arranged by name, listing work address, occupation, and home address; Business Directory arrange by product; and Advertisements.  After 1881, dates of death are noted.  Beginning in 1883, most directories contain a ward and street map.  Beginning in 1917, wives names are listed and there is a section arranged by street address.


Lowell Telephone Directories are available from 1932-1997.


As part of a effort to document Lowell's History, a small but determined group of volunteers is indexing vital records from local newspapers.  Currently available are Obituary Index 1900-1933;  Birth Index 1900-1910.


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has microfilmed marriage certificates from 1840-1900 and developed a chronological index.  These records provide basic information on the couple to be married, including the names of both sets of parents.


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts also conducts a Population Census every ten years which began in 1855.  The State Census is available on microfilm for 1855 and 1865.  Additional State Census information after 1865 is available in manuscript form in the State Archives at Boston's Columbia Point.


Available for many towns and cities including Lowell, these volumes contains Birth, Marriage and Death Records compiled from local records, cemetery records and church records, arranged alphabetically.


Young men at the age of 18 were required to register for the United States Selective Service from 1917-1919.  These records are arranged by Local Draft Board # (3 in Lowell) and then alphabetically by name.  Information includes age, eye color, hair color, service, and nearest relative.


City Directories of major textile cities and towns in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts are available on microfiche.


The Lowell Historical Society at Center for Lowell History has purchased the US Population Census Manuscript on microfilm for Middlesex and Essex Counties 1790-1920 (1890 was destroyed).  Only Heads of Households are listed in the Census from 1790-1840.  Beginning in 1850 each member of the household is listed in the Census.


There are published name indexes for 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, with reference to county, town or city, and microfilm page number.  The 1860 name index is on CD (see Martha Mayo).  The Center produced a name index for the small portion of the 1890 Census that survives.


Street Guides for the 1880, 1900, 1910, and 1920 US Census, are arranged alphabetically by street name with reference to Enumeration District # and microfilm page number.  Used in conjunction with the Lowell City Directories, these Street Guides quickly limit a Census search.


President Franklin Roosevelt established the US Social Security Office in 1937.  These records list those who have died and provided Social Security Benefits from 1937 through December 1993.  They are arranged alphabetically by name, with reference to Social security #, date of birth, date of death, and state.

Author Unknown.  "Life Transition for Cambodian Women".

Author Unknown.  "Evolution of a Family Newspaper, The Lowell Courier-Citizen".

Author Unknown.  "The Historical Development and Economic Problems of the Street Railway in Mass: As Shown in the Study of the Eastern Massachusetts Street Railway Company".

Author Unknown.  "Men of the Cloth".

Author Unknown.  "The Development of Trade Unions in the New England Textile Industry as Exemplified the Lowell Mule Spinners Strike in 1875".

Albert, Peter.  "Lowell's Feelings on the Question of the Blackman: 1860-1863".

Allen, Stephen.  "The Life of the Tramp in Lowell During the Depression Years of 1893-1895".

Anderson, Elizabeth C.  "Weaving Cloth, Spinning Stories: Lucy Larcom".

Bahr, Betsy.  "Nineteenth Century Textile Mill Design and the Factory Workplace".

Baskin, David.  "The Jews in Lowell, 1905-1918".

Bassnett, John W.  "Recruiting and Conscription in the City of Lowell During the American Civil War 1861-1865".

Beati, Audrey.  "An Interview with Rose".

Blewett, Mary H.  "State Funded Industrial Policy and Corporate Decision Making".

Blewett, Mary H.  "Urban Progressivism and Ethnic Politics: The Irish Capture of Lowell, Massachusetts: 1890-1911".

Blewett, Mary H.  "The Last Generation of Women Textile Workers in Lowell: Their Work and Their Lives".

Blewett, Mary H.  "Mill Workers of Lowell & Working People of Lowell".

Borges, Karen.  "The Portuguese Community in Lowell".

Boutelis, Dena.  "Drama in Lowell".

Brissett, Donna A.  "The African-American Experience in Lowell".

Burns, Edward.  "Ethnic Family Paper on Greeks".

Campbell, Lindsey Ann.  "The Impact of World War II on the City of Lawrence from December 8, 1941 - August 31, 1942".

Chan, Sithra.  "Works and Society".

Cheung, Yin L.  "An Analytical Model of the Lowell Canal System".

Chutchian, Diana.  "Lowell's Reaction to the Depression".

Coffin, Mark T.  "The Lowell Offering, Art Works, and the Lowell Factory Girl: A Manufactured Culture".

Cognac, Pauline.  "New England Cotton Textile Interest and the Dream of China Market".

Cohen, Gillian Dara.  "Knowledge of How to Combine: The Political Socialization of Southeast Asian Refugees in Lowell, Massachusetts, 1984-1988".

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Corbett, William.  "The Middlesex Canal Through the City of Medford".

Dalzell, Robert.  "The Rise of the Waltham-Lowell System and Some Thoughts on the Political Economy of Modernization in Anti-Bellium".

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Downey, Jean G. and, Marian C. Harmon.  "Emily Frances Fletcher".

Dublin, Thomas.  "Women, Work and the Family: Women Operatives in the Lowell Mills: 1830-1860".

Dugan, Robert E.  "Distinguished Visitors to Lowell".

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Emanouil, Christine.  "The 1915 Massachusetts Suffrage Reform Lowell and Lawrence".

Emmet, Alan S.  "Open Space in Lowell".

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Flanagan, William T.  "The Emergence of the Irish as a Political Factor in Lowell 1850-1922".

Flanders, Sandra.  "Rogers Hall School: 1922-1973".

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