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ENGL.3080: Structure and Variation of the English Language

Books about Language

This page contains links to several library ebooks related to language. We will likely read excerpts from some of these books as a class, and the others will be available as sources for your class projects. Most of these books allow multiple people to access them online at the same time, but some may only allow one person to check out the ebook at a time.

You are also welcome to search the library’s entire catalog for other books. Use the search bar below or go to the library homepage.

Because Internet understanding the new rules of language by gretchen mccullough
English with an Accent
Living Language:  An Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
•	Raciolinguistics: How Language Shapes our Ideas about Race
•	Cambridge Handbook of Child Language
Language in the USA: Themes for the 21st Century

Because Internet allows only one simultaneous user, so when you click on it you may find your self "locked out." Don't despair! Try again later.

When you can open the book, take note of the maximum allowable pages to download (in this case it is supposedly unrestricted), and download the pages you want to read, then close the page. If you need more, the download allowance resets the next time you log in to the book.

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