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NURS. 7740: Scholarly Project Design

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Welcome to Scholarly Project Design with Professor Gautam

In this course, the student will design and present the Scholarly Project proposal. Students will meet biweekly with the scholarly project chair to develop the DNP scholarly project using knowledge acquired in previous course work. Students will complete a University of Massachusetts Lowell Institutional Review Board application that considers ethical and cultural issues related to the scholarly project.

Course Material

DNP Scholarly Projects

The project is a culmination of work done throughout the DNP program that demonstrates the ability of the students to effect positive change in health care settings through careful synthesis of evidence and evaluation of the effectiveness of the change. 

Types of scholarly projects (but not limited to): 

  • Quality Improvement 
  • Financial Analysis to Compare Models of Care 
  • Implement and Evaluate Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines 
  • Design and Evaluate New Models of Care 
  • Analyze a Policy and Revise and Implement the amended policy
  • Develop and Implement a New Policy.