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ARCH. 3151: Islamic Art and Contemporary Society

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Dictionary of Islamic Architecture
Indian Islamic Architecture by John Burton Page and George Micheland
Understanding Islamic Architecture
Islamic Arts
Envisioning Islamic Art and Architecture
Beauty in Arabic Culture by Doris Behrens Abouseif
Sinan's Autobiographies : Five Sixteenth-Century Texts by  Howard Crane, Gulru Necipogl
Art of Islam Gaston Migeon, Henri Saladin, Elliott Fleming, and Gustave Le Bon
History of Islam in Africa Nehemia Levtzion and Randall Pouwels
The mosque : history, architectural development & regional diversity by Martin Frishman, Hasan-Uddin Khan, Mohammad Al-Asad
Hajj : Global Interactions through Pilgrimage Luitgard Mols and Marjo Buitelaar
Creswell Photographs Re-examined : New Perspectives on Islamic Architecture Bernard O’Kane, Dina Montasser, Tarek Galal Abdel-Hamid, Noha Abou-Khatwa, Conchita Anorve-Tschirgi, Dina Ishak Bakhoum, Nairy Hampikian, May Al-Ibrashy, Hani Hamza, and Chahinda Karim
Picturing History at the Ottoman Court Emine Fetvaci
The Transformation of Islamic Art During the Sunni Revival Yasser Tabbaa

Print Books in UML Library

The art and architecture of Islam, 650-1250 by Richard Ettinghausen, Oleg Grabar, Sheila Blair
The art and architecture of Islam 1250-1800 by Sheila Blair, Jonathan Bloom (Jonathan M.), Richard Ettinghausen
Islamic Art by David Talbot Rice
The Formation of Islamic Art
Introduction to Islamic civilisation by Roger Savory