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Shakespeare: Library Research

Introduction to the Library Webpage

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Criticism and Scholarship: Click to Read

Shakespeare's Festive Comedy : A Study of Dramatic Form and Its Relation to Social Custom Cesar Lombardi Barber, Stephen Greenblatt, and Cesar Lombardi Lombardi Barber
Shakespeare and the Medieval World by Helen Cooper
Shakespeare and the Dramaturgy of Power
A New Companion to Renaissance Drama by Arthur F. Kinney and Thomas Warren Hopper
Oxford Shakespeare : The Complete Sonnets and Poems by William Shakespeare and Colin Burrow
Souls with Longing : Representations of Honor and Love in Shakespeare Bernard J. Dobski, Dustin A. Gish, Dustin A. Gish, John Alvis, George Anastaplo, Glenn Arbery, John Briggs, Paul Cantor, Leon Craig, and Scott Crider
william shakespeare by peter holland
The Life of William Shakespeare : A Critical Biography
Shakespeare and Women and Phyllis Rackin
Shakespeare and Moral Agency Michael D. Bristol, James A. Knapp, Michael D. Bristol, Sara Coodin, Gregory Currie, Andrew Escobedo, Mustapha Fahmi, Jennifer Feather, Kathryn R. Finin, and Hugh Grady
Shakespeare and the Middle Ages Curtis Perry and John Watkins

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