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Background on Shakespeare's Biography

Events of Shakespeare's Life: Timeline

1558 Elizabeth I crowned Queen of England
1564 William Shakespeare born in Stratford-upon-Avon, England
1576 Opening of the first structure, (since Roman times), built as a theater, called The Theater 
1582 Shakespeare marries Ann Hathaway
1583 Birth of Shakespeare's daughter, Susanna
1585 The Queen's Men perform in Stratford
1590 Shakespeare working in London, writing and acting with Burbage's players at The Theater
1592 First performance of Shakespeare's play, King Henry VI, parts One and Two, in London
1592-94 An outbreak of plague closes the London theaters
1593 Christopher Marlowe dies
1593-94 Shakespeare's poems "Venus and Adonis" and the "Rape of Lucrece" published
1596  Shakespeare's son, Hamnetdies
The Shakespeare family are granted a coat of arms
1597 Shakespeare buys New Place, the second largest house in Stratford
1598 Building of the Globe Theater begins
1599 Globe Theater opens
  Julius Caesar performed at the Globe
1601 William Shakespeare's father, John Shakespeare, dies
1603 Queen Elizabeth I dies
1605 The Gunpowder Plot
1607 Shakespeare's daughter, Susanna, marries John Hall
1609 Shakespeare's Sonnets published
1610-11 Shakespeare writes his last play, "The Tempest"
1613 The Globe Theater burns to the ground
1614 Rebuilt Globe Theater opens
1616 Shakespeare writes his will
William Shakespeare dies
1619 Richard Burbage dies
1623 Shakespeare's wife Ann dies
The first Folio Edition of Shakespeare's plays published

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