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America Again: Satire and Stephen Colbert

What is Satire?

Not Just Colbert...

There is a lot of satire out there. Here is just a sample:

Critical Thinking

Studying satire allows you to develop a lifelong skill: the ability to think critically. To do this, one must be able to determine the intent of the speaker, the legitimacy of their facts, and any bias they may hold. This text can help you understand what it means to think critically.

Second Hand Satire

Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live is a short news satire within a comedy show. While the stories it discusses are factually accurate, the method in which they are portrayed is for comical effect. One character within Weekend Update is Anthony Crispino, who spreads news as he has heard it with the comical effect appearing as a result of his greivous errors of the facts. As the blending facts with humor becomes more mainstream, how many people develop the habits of Anthony Crispino? If this is the result of satire, is it helpful or hurtful? Does satire help to inform or does it interfere?

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