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NonProfit / Marketing & Management - Finch

Guide for Prof. Deb Finch's NonProfit classes.

If you cannot access the above video, you can watch it here

The video is a quick tour through finding corporate sponsorship.

Webinar on Introduction to Corporate Giving from Candid

If you cannot access the above video, you can watch it here

Video webinar is a deep dive in to corporate sponsorship, including how to research potential corporate partners.

Researching Corporations

Two Steps to Researching a Company

1. Find out what the company says
Read the company's financial statements and annual reports, which are usually located on the company's website.

2. Find out what others say
Read news articles, investment reports and other secondary sources to fill in the gaps.

-Milwaukee Area Technical College

When researching a company, it is important to know whether it is:

    ❖ public
    ❖ private
    ❖ a subsidiary of a larger company.

SWOT Analysis


Why is a SWOT analysis relevant to finding corporate sponsors? Because one of the factors you need to take in to account is the company's pain point- that is finding an aspect of the company that needs to be improved. Watch the Business Source support video to find out how.