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Reference Books for Polymer Science

This list of sources may be helpful to those students interested in Polymers.  Sources helpful to Plastics Engineering students are extensive.  Students should browse the reference shelves in the TP1000 area and also TA 455.P58 to see the extent of our collection.

  • American Society for Testing and Materials.  ASTM Standards. vol 8 Plastics. All standards available online at ASTM Standards.
  • Brandrup, J. Polymer Handbook. 4th ed., Wiley, N.Y., 1999. REF QD 388 .P65 1999. Now available online at Knovel.
  • Cheremisinoff,  Nicholas P. Handbook of Engineering Polymeric Materials. Dekker, N.Y., 1997. REF TA 455 .P58 H36 1997.
  • Cheremisinoff, Nicolas P. Handbook of Polymer Science and Technology. Dekker, N.Y., 1989. REF QD 388 .H36 1989.
  • Comprehensive Polymer Science. 7v. and supp.  Pergamon, Oxford, 1989. REF QD 381 .C66 1989.
  • Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Engineering. 18v. 2nd ed. Wiley, N.Y., 1985. REF TP 1087 .E46 1985
  • Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology. v. 1-4, 3rd ed. Wiley, N.Y. 2003. REF TP 1110 .E53 2003.
  • Hamid, S.H. Handbook of Polymer Degradation. Dekker, N.Y., 1992. REF QD 381.9 .D47 H36 1992.
  • Handbook of Conducting Polymers. 2nd ed., Dekker, N.Y., 1998. REF QD 382 .C66 H36 1998.
  • Handbook of Organic Conductive Molecules and Polymers. 4v., Wiley, N.Y., 1997. REF QD 382 .C66 H38 1997.
  • Harper, Charles. Handbook of Plastics, Elastomers and Composites. 3rd ed. McGraw, N.Y., 1996. REF TP 1130 .H36 1996
  • Hummel, Dieter Atlas of Polymer and Plastics Analysis: v.1 Polymers: Structure and [Infrared] Spectra. 2nd ed. Hanser, Munich, 1978. REF QD 139 .P6 H813 1978 v. 1.
  • Kricheldorf, Hans. R. Ed., 2v. Handbook of polymer syntheses. Dekker, N.Y., 1992. REF TP 1130 .H37 1992.
  • Kroschwitz, Jacqueline. High Performance Polymers and Composites. Wiley, N.Y., 1991. REF TA 455 .P58 H547 1991.
  • Mark, James E. Physical Properties of Polymers Handbook.  American Institute of Physics, Woodbury, N.Y., 1996. REF TA 455 .P58 P475 1996.
  • Mark, James E. Polymer Data Handbook. Oxford University Press, N.Y. 1999. REF TA 455.P58 P675 1999.
  • Nielsen, Lawrence. Mechanical Properties of Polymers and Composites. 2nd ed. Dekker, N.Y., 1994. REF TA 455 .P58 N48 1994
  • Society of Plastics Industry, Inc. Plastics Engineering Handbook. 5th ed. Van Nostrand Reinhold, N.Y., 1991. REF TP 1130 .S58 1991.  Now available in e-format: Knovel.
  • Salamone, Joseph, Ed. Polymeric Materials Encyclopedia. 12v. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL., 1996. REF TP 1110 .P65 1996.
  • Scholl, Friedrich. Atlas of Polymer and Plastics Analysis: v. 3 Additives and Processing Aids. Hanser, Munich, 1981. REF QD 139 .P6 H813 1978 v. 3.

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