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Ethnic Groups in the U.S.

Reference Books at UML

Encyclopedias, Handbooks, Dictionaries, etc. can provide useful descriptions, overviews, and lists of recommended reading on a topic. Unless otherwise indicated these books are located in the 1st floor O’Leary Reference Area.

  • Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and African American Experience. DT14 A37435 1999

Massive and lavishly illustrated encyclopedia on African and African diaspora civilization and history, unique for its thoroughly afrocentric approach to all topics. Longer entries are signed, and include brief references to other related articles in the encyclopedia. Includes an unannotated select bibliography, and world maps.

  • Cambridge History of the Native Peoples of the Americas.

E77 N62 1996 (O’Leary 4th floor stacks)
Concise three volume, six part set provides signed, in-depth essays that profile specific historic and contemporary indigenous cultures throughout the Americas. Volume one covers Canada and the United States, Volume two covers Mexico and Mesoamerican cultures in general, and Volume three is devoted to South America.

  • Encyclopedia of Minorities in American Politics. E184.A1.E574 2000 

Two volumes outline contemporary impact of African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans in the U.S covering people, events, court cases, movements, and organizations. Longer entries also deals with some key issues facing minorities in American politics.

This two volume set contains over 100 signed essays addressing a distinct ethnic, ethno-religious, or Native American group in the United States. Each essay focuses on the group's experiences in the United States, specifically in the areas of acculturation and assimilation, family and community dynamics, language, religion, politics and government and significant contributions.

Contains informative essays on an exhaustive number (106) ethnic groups, as well as essays with themes such as "American Identity and Americanization," Assimilation and Pluralism," "Education," "Folklore," "Family Patterns," "Immigration," Intermarriage," "Language," "Leadership," "Loyalties," Politics," Prejudice," "Religion," and "Survey Research."

Award-winning four volume set provides authoritative signed essays on the broad topics of U.S. Latino history, anthropology, sociology, literature and art. Includes numerous illustrations, tables, lengthy bibliographies.

  • Jewish-American History and Culture: an Encyclopedia E184 .J5 J48 1992-

Surveys the Jewish experience in the United States. Includes essays about Colonial American Jewry, Holocaust Literature, Jewish organizations, Comics and Comedy, Jews in Hollywood, Black Jews as well as many biographical entries.

  • Multiculturalism in the United States: A Comparative Guide to Acculturation and Ethnicity E184 .A1 .M85 1992

Contains essays that describe the acculturation experience of many groups including African Americans, German Americans, Irish Americans, Scandinavian Americans, Polish Americans, Jewish Americans, Chinese Americans, Italian Americans, and Mexican Americans.

  • Timelines of Native American History E77 .H395 1997

Lists various facts and information related to indigenous peoples of what is now the United States, organized by year. Covers years 20,000 B.C. through "2000 and beyond." Includes a bibliography of recommended reading.