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Post-Colonial Europe, 1945 to the Present

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Statistics and Reality : Concepts and Measurements of Migration in Europe Heinz Fassmann, by Ursula Reeger, and Wiebke Sievers
Avoiding responsibility : the politics and discourse of European development policy by Nathalie Karagiannis
France's colonial legacies : memory, identity and narrative by Fiona Barclay
Political Transition : Politics and Cultures Paul Gready
Front cover image for The Post-colonial question : common skies, divided horizons The Post-colonial question : common skies, divided horizons by Iain Chambers, Lidia Curti
Contesting views : the visual economy of France and Algeria by Edward Welch, Joseph McGonagle
The postcolonial studies dictionary by Pramod K Nayar
Europe united : power politics and the making of the European Community by Sebastian Rosato
Protest beyond borders : contentious politics in Europe since 1945 by Hara Kouki, Eduardo Romanos
When the war was over : women, war and peace in Europe, 1940-1956 by Claire Duchen, Irene Bandhauer-Schöffmann
/ Memory and power in post-war Europe studies in the presence of the past by Jan-Werner Müller, Mپller, Jan-Werner,
Themes in Modern European History Since 1945. by Rosemary Wakeman
France restored : Cold War diplomacy and the quest for leadership in Europe, 1944-1954 by William I Hitchcock
The politics of Central Europe by Attila Ágh
Contesting democracy : political ideas in twentieth-century Europe by Jan-Werner Müller
The legacy of Nazi occupation : patriotic memory and national recovery in Western Europe, 1945-1965 by Pieter Lagrou
Broken narratives : post-Cold War history and identity in Europe and East Asia by Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik
The Cold War and after : capitalism, revolution and superpower politics by Richard Saull
Postcolonial Netherlands : sixty-five years of forgetting, commemorating, silencing by Gert Oostindie
Understanding the war in Kosovo by Florian Bieber, Židas Daskalovski
The hour of Europe : Western powers and the breakup of Yugoslavia by Josip Glaurdić
Bringing the dark past to light : the reception of the Holocaust in postcommunist Europe by John-Paul Himka, Joanna B Michlic
The African colonial state in comparative perspective by Crawford Young
Scars of partition : postcolonial legacies in French and British borderlands by William F S Miles
Decolonizing the Republic : African and Caribbean Migrants in Postwar Paris, 1946-1974 by Félix F Germain
Cultures of decolonisation : transnational productions and practices, 1945-70 by Ruth Craggs, Claire Wintle
The new European frontiers : social and spatial (Re)integration issues in multicultural and border regions by Milan Bufon, Julian V Minghi, Anssi Paasi, Péter Balogh
European immigration : a sourcebook by Anna Triandafyllidou, Ruby Gropas
European multiculturalism revisited by Alessandro Silj
Europe in black and white : immigration, race and identity in the 'Old Continent' by Manuela Ribeiro Sanches, Fernando Clara, João Ferreira Duarte, Leonor Pires Martins
After the Nazi racial state : difference and democracy in Germany and Europe by Rita C-K Chin
Politics, Religion and Gender : Framing and Regulating the Veil. by Sieglinde Rosenberger, Birgit Sauer
Feminist postcolonial theory : a reader by Reina Lewis, Sara Mills

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