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Post-Colonial Europe, 1945 to the Present

Using Google Advanced Search to find Primary Sources

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Sample Search Question

"In the class we have to complete a research paper that includes primary and secondary sources. I decided to base my essay on the legacy left by the elimination of the samurai class during the Meiji period in the military of Imperial Japan, by discussing important events and people such as the Satsuma Rebellion and Saigo Takamori. I wanted to ask if you could please point me in the right direction to some databases where I could find primary sources on this topic."

Sample Search

 1) Go to or use the search box at left.

 2) Enter the search terms  Satsuma or Takamori

 3) Using the TOOLS option to select 19th Century, as below:

google books screen


4) Results reveal American missionaries in Japan at the time. Examples:


1879 - ‎Read

Satsuma is situated at the southern extremity of Kiushiu, the southernmost of the four large islands constituting the chief portion of Japan. The capital is Kagoshima. ... The chief of the Satsumaleaders was Saigd Takamori. He was of simple ...


The Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine - Page 348

1880 - ‎Read - ‎More editions

Mounsey's Satsuma Rebellion; An Episode of Modern Japanese History, throws much light on this period of their ... Saigo Takamori, who held the rank of 'Marshal Commanding-in-Chief the Imperial Forces,' was the leader of the rebellion.


5) Also Contemporary US government reports, examples:

 Papers Relating to the Foreign Relations of the United States - Page 359

United States. Dept. of State - 1877 - ‎Read - ‎More editions

in the Herald, nor do I doubt that the Satsuma reply sets out the grounds upon which the insurgents intend to rest the ... When it was reported at Kióto that Saigo Takamori, at the head of a large army, had revolted and forced his way into ...


House Documents, Otherwise Publ. as Executive Documents: 13th ... in Google Books

United States. Congress. House - 1878 - ‎Read - ‎More editions

[loclosme.] [From the Japan Daily Herald, July 14, 1877.] LETTER FROM K1WAMUIU SUMIYOSIII TO THE SATSUMA ARMY. [Translation from the Ilochi Sliirnbnn.] \Vheu it was reported at Kioto that Saigo Takamori, at the bead of a large army, ...


 United States Congressional Serial Set - Volume 1793 - Page 359

1878 - ‎Read - ‎More editions

that. the. Satsuma. reply. sets. out. the. grounds. upon. which. the. insurgents. intend. to. rest. the. justification. of. their revolt. ... When it was reported at Kióto that Saigo Takamori, at the head of a large army, had revolted and forced his way into ...


6) and English language newspapers


Japan Weekly Mail - Page 348

1879 - ‎Read - ‎More editions

When the time of action arrived Saigo Takamori alone stood forth as the head of the Satsuma rebellion, and our author devotes some interesting pages to describe the character of this military chief who, however mistaken in his ambition, and ...


The Japan Daily Mail - Volume 4 - Page 373

1880 - ‎Read - ‎More editions

ENERAL Kuroda Kiyotaka is a member of one of the historic families of the great Satsuma clan, and has the ... In conjunction with Saigo Takamori, Okubo Tochimichi, and other able leaders, he acted a prominent part in the wars of the ..


7) A Book written close to the time of the events as an e-Book


View eBook Satsuma Rebellion: An Episode of Modern Japanese History, The, Internet Archive - Text Archive

Reprint of the 1879 ed. published by J. Murray, London.


For all searches, use the OLDEST FIRST option to bring you closer to 1877.