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HIST. 1050: Western Civilization I: Research Guide

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The Birth of the State: ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and China
Ancient History: Key Themes and Approaches by Neville Morley
Ancient History: : Monuments and Documents by Charles W., Jr. Hedrick
by Don Nardo
Divine Heiress : the Virgin Mary and the creation of Christian Constantinople by Vasiliki Limberis
A History of the Later Roman Empire, AD 284-641 Stephen Mitchell
Constantine and the Christian Empire Charles Odahl
Ancient Greece : From Prehistoric to Hellenistic Times Thomas R. Martin
Everyday Things in Ancient Greece [Second Edition] Marjorie Quennell, Kathleen Freeman, and C. H. B. Quennell
Turkish Myth and Muslim Symbol : The Battle of Manzikert Carole Hillenbrand
Restless Dead : Encounters Between the Living and the Dead in Ancient Greece Sarah Iles Johnston
The First Dynasty of Islam : The Umayyad Caliphate AD 661-750 G. R. Hawting
The Encounter of Eastern Christianity with Early Islam : Encounter of Eastern Christianity with Early Islam Emmanouela Grypeou, Mark N. Swanson, and David Thomas
Islam in South Asia : A Short History by Jamal Malik
Northern Conquest by katherine holman
The Conversion of Scandinavia Anders Winroth
Medieval Worlds : A Sourcebook Roberta Anderson and Dominic Bellenger
Ancient Scandinavia : An Archaeological History from the First Humans to the Vikings T. Douglas Price and Weinstein Professor of European Archaeology (Emeritus) T Douglas Price
The Buddhist Conquest of China : The Spread and Adaptation of Buddhism in Early Medieval China E. Zürcher and Stephen F. Teiser
Buddhism and Islam on the Silk Road Johan Elverskog

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