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Kennedy College of Sciences Resources for Academic Success


North Campus

  • North Quad
  • Green space in front and to the side of Cumnock
  • Plaza area in front of PTB
  • Green space between ETIC and Lydon
  • Outside Starbucks
  • Costello Blue and Green athletic fields


East Campus

  • Green space outside the Rec Center and in the back parking lot
  • In front of Bourgeois, Leitch, and Fox
  • Behind Leitch and the green space in front of Donahue
  • Green space near University Suites
  • Bus stop outside the Tsongas Center and most of green space behind the Tsongas Center
  • Area between Hoff Building and the Tsongas Center
  • Behind the Hoff Building
  • Aiken Fields


South Campus

  • Area behind HSS into the green space
  • Area behind Sheehy toward the green space and observatory
  • Boathouse ramp area
  • Coburn Parking lot