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Kennedy College of Sciences Resources for Academic Success


Process updated as of 7/29/2020
Requests should be submitted AT LEAST three (3) business day in advance.
❖ General Building/ Office Access Requests
  • These requests are submitted here:

    Select "KCS Short-Term Building Access (Not for Research)--see below: 


You may request the following access through this link:

·         Short-term, single day visits

·         Longer-term, single day visits (more justification is needed to support this request)

·         Multiple-day visits, but less than 5 days (more substantial justification is required for these visits)

❖ Research Related Requests

  • These requests are submitted here:

This form is for access up-to 5-days.  Another procedure is being developed for long-term access; and that should be rolled-out soon.