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SOCI.4050: Feminist Methodologies

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People at Work by Marjorie DeVault
Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods by Steven J. Taylor, Robert Bogdan, and Marjorie DeVault
Feminism and Method by Nancy A. Naples
Feminist Methodology challenges and choices by Caroline Ramazanoglu and Janet Holland
Feminist Research Methodology by Maithree Wickramasinghe
The Oxford Handbook of Multimethod and Mixed Methods Research Inquiry
Rhetorica in Motion: Feminist Rhetorical Methods and Methodologies Eileen E. Schell, K. J. Rawson, and Kate Ronald
Researching Gender Violence: Feminist Methodology in Action Tina Skinner, Marianne Hester, and Ellen Malos
The Effects of Feminist Approaches on Research Methodologies by Winnifred Tomm and Winnie Tomm
Feminist Praxis (RLE Feminist Theory) by Liz Stanley
Feminist Studies by Nina Lykke
Participant Observation: A Guide for Fieldworkers Kathleen Musante (DeWalt) and Billie R. DeWalt
Designing and Conducting Ethnographic Research by Margaret D. LeCompte and Jean J. Schensul