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Kennedy College of Sciences Keep Learning FAQ's

For Students

What resources are available for students?

  1. Academic advice is available at the Continuity of Learning Student page.
  2. The Solution Center is supporting students remotely.  Students can still access UCrossing to drop off checks for tuition payment plans and they will be processed.
  3. Health Services – Students must call and make an appointment BEFORE going to health services.  This service is primarily for students living on campus and international students living off-campus (mostly graduate students).
  4. Counseling Services – The counselors are all working remotely.  Students will have limited access to counselors. The evening phone support resources are still available.  The University is working to try to get our students access to TeleHealth for additional support. 
  5. Disability Services – This office is also operating remotely.  The team is looking to support additional students who may not have previously had accommodations but will need them in the online environment.
  6. ADA considerations – Recordings done using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra are automatically close captioned to help with ADA requirements.  The Zoom recordings are not closed captured at this time.
  7. STARs for students at risk – The STARs team is meeting virtually on a weekly basis.  Please still put in a STARs report if you identify a student in need of supports. 
  8. Tutoring – 98% of our prior face-to-face tutoring is now online. See the online schedule. If you would like tutoring for your course and you don't see it available, please reach out to
  9. Time Management Skills Support - The Centers for Learning is putting together a list of resources for students on how to be an online students and time management skills.  These resources will be on their website and should be available by Monday.
  10. No Show Outreach - the College Based Advisors will be getting a Salesforce report on students who have not logged into Blackboard after a few days.  They will be then reaching out to each student to check-in, identify why, and help the student get the resources necessary to get back on track.  This will hopefully start next week (March 23rd)
  11. Financial Concerns – The Provost office is looking into potential policy changes to move the max owing amount to try to mitigate financial holds preventing registration as we know students are not working as much as they may have originally anticipated.  There are also other project in the works to develop campaigns for bursaries/scholarships for students to help with the increased financial burden.  We will share more information as it becomes available.  If you have students express concerns please let them know we will work with them to figure out a solution.
  12. Food Pantry – please see current information at the Food Pantry/Navigators web page.
  13. Career Services – Wendy Hyatt in Career Services says, "Getting onto Handshake with a full profile is your most valuable asset in this new virtual world. Let us help you do it!"

     Sign Up for Handshake
    Current Co-op & Internship Opportunities:

  14. Advising and Fall 2020 Registration – The Associate Deans, College-based advising team, and Centers for Learning are working on preparing some information and best practice resources to support faculty advising.  The registration period will remain in the same time period.