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Kennedy College of Sciences Keep Learning FAQ's

Office Hours

❖ Will office hours take place at the ordinary frequency, that is, 3 hours per week in at least 2 days for me?

❖ Can I refuse to meet in person at my office?
Please do not meet with students on campus.
Students may only be on campus when:
(1) they have permission to stay in the residence halls;
(2) they wish to use Library resources for internet (O'Leary Library, South Campus only; Lydon will be closed);
(3) they are engaging in research activities for which their presence has been approved by Vice Provost Julie Chen's office.
❖ If so, can we tell students the hours we are available for office hours in which they can send an email and set up a Zoom session on the spot? (Office hours are individual, it may not make sense to just start one session where every student can join.)
Yes, this would be fine. You can also use Zoom's "waiting room" feature where you leave a Zoom connection open and when a guest arrives, they enter into a waiting room so they don't disturb a conversation in process.

❖ If students want to review their midterm exam, can I simply show that from video on Zoom, or does that require to meet in person? 

Again, no in person meetings. Yes, it's fine to show their exam over a Zoom connection.
❖ If Zoom is OK: Do I have to go do that type of office hour (review of the midterm) at my office? (or can I take home the midterms and Zoom the student from home)?
You may and should work from home. In fact, if you don't have an urgent reason to be on campus, please work from home starting Wednesday March 18.