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Kennedy College of Sciences Keep Learning FAQ's

About Blackboard

❖ Help, I’ve never used Blackboard before. Where do I log in?
Here: Use the “On-Campus Course Login” link.

❖ I don’t seem to have a Blackboard shell for my class. What should I do?
As of now, shells should have been provided. Please email for assistance. You can also follow the directions here:

❖ OK, I’ve logged in and I have a class shell. Now what?
See this quick start guide (thanks, Jill Pruett).

❖ Can my students access Blackboard from their phones?
Yes, there are apps for Android and iOS. Please encourage your students to install them.

❖ I have my own class web site. Do I have to use Blackboard?
That’s great that you have your class materials online already.

Please add a page in your Blackboard shell that points to your course site. This will make things easier for our students—remember they are taking multiple classes. It will really help them to be able to get to all their courses from their one Blackboard log-in.

❖ What is Collaborate Ultra?

This is a videoconferencing and chat system built into Blackboard. You can host live meetings with your students, share your screen, and use chat. Everything presented can be recorded.